RCW Photo Club

Create Your Own Magic


On the following page you will download 5 images. Select one or more images. Edit it/them using your program of choice. If you don't  have an editor you like, there are numerous, good-quality, free programs online.  Faststone Image Viewer (PCs) is pretty intuitive and user friendly.


There are no limitations to your edits. Crop,  color, de-color (aka black and white), do whatever you want. Each image was selected because it offers many opportunities for interpretation.


The files size should be sufficiently high enough resolution for all but extreme color manipulation. Raw  files would likely be too big for the park's bandwidth. 

Send your finalized image(s) to me by noon, Monday, February 12. Please title the files with your first initial and last name.


Have fun, let your creativity escape . . .

Click on the image to the right to begin the download.


Any questions, please email me: larry@aperture54.com


Click on the above photo to go to the photo options page. When on the next page, in the bottom left corner click on the download icon (open bucket with downward-pointing arrow). It will download all 5 images in a zip file to wherever you designate on your hard drive. Click on the zip file and it should provide all the images.


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