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Larry Padgett is an avid travel photographer and writer who advocates for the art of photography. In addition to his personal work, his passion is to help artists succeed in their efforts to be successful in their pursuit of exhibiting, publishing and selling their work. He believes photographers represent the truest entrepreneurial spirit – creating art from intangible concepts that express the soul of their creator.


He earned a BS in Business Administration – Marketing - from Grand Valley State University. He taught college-level photography classes and was a successful commercial and fine-art photographer for ten years. Before becoming fully immersed in photography, he spent 20 years in several sales and marketing fields.


In 2003 Larry founded The Center for Fine Art Photography and was its executive director until 2009. An international nonprofit organization, the Center promotes the art of photography and provides educational programs that foster the growth of creative artists. During his tenure, he provided venues and a voice for artists from more than 25 countries, hosted over 60 international exhibitions, directed three traveling shows, and published three collections.


He provides workshops, conducts portfolio reviews, juries and curates exhibitions, and consults with directors of arts organizations. He has reviewed for Critical Mass and Photolucida.


Larry is also the editor for, where he provides consulting services to guide artists through the maze of business challenges and shows them how to make informed decisions that will lead to their initial success or growth to their next level of development. In the process, his clients become empowered to apply what they learn to their new and expanding opportunities.




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