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Travel Writings and Photography

Every location has a story, and every story has its characters with their own stories. My story is: I'm intrigued by less-traveled roads, less-visited destinations and the stories of the people who make their hometown special. Through my photography and the words of those I encounter, I hope to tantalize your travel and adventure spirit. In the meantime, maybe they will provide you with a level of entertainment.

Cuba - Living with Contridictions

There is a sense of urgency to visit Cuba. The United States continues easing its travel embargo on business and travel with Cuba. Both developments will soon make it possible for the country and its population to begin following the paths of other communist states, evolving towards a capitalist influenced economy within a modified communist doctrine. With the appearance of the first Golden Arches . . . more

Tenting on the Deck of a Cruise Ship

Alternative Travel within the Inside Passage


What cruise line provides campers with deck space for their tents?

Some may think it a stretch to refer to the ships of the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system as cruise liners, but in a very practical sense, they have evolved into just that. For the more adventurous ocean traveler, many of the AMH ferries offer open-air camping space at the rear of the cabin deck. , , ,more

Exploring Coastal Southeast Alaska
Taking the Slow Boat


Alaska! Just the word evokes visions of blue-green glacial ice, crystal-clear water and an almost primitive world. To intimately experience Alaska, there is nothing to compare with a small-group micro-tour exploring the coastline, inlets, and fjords of Southeast Alaska for ten days aboard a converted 62-foot commercial fishing boat, the Home Shore. more

Molly's Trailer New Life as Art


You can’t pass by without taking a second look. You can’t study it without admiring the artistry. Every square inch of Molly Herrick’s 1960 Mobile Scout travel trailer exterior provides a rendering of the very popular ski town and summer destination -- Telluride, Colorado. . . .  more

Yellowstone - Fabulous in May


Yellowstone National Park progressively sheds its wintery exterior for a vibrant spring makeover during the month of May. This is possibly the best month to visit Yellowstone. In the span of four weeks, the park experiences dramatic changes in its tableau: the weather, wildlife activity, rivers, and landscape undergo a series of transformations as they emerge into the summer season. . . .  more

Saguaro National Park

Saguaros live to be 150-175 years old, possibly 200 years, during which time they may or may not sprout arms. No one seems to know why some do and some don't.  . . . more

Arizona - Sonoran Desert Museum


There are approximately 56,000 individual native plants and 230 native mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds within the grounds. . . . more



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