Grand Harbor, Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta
Street scene, Mdina, Malta
Mdina, Malta
Mail delivery
The narrow roads throughout much of Malta preclude mail trucks that would be making frequent stops.
Gozo, Malta
Performance theater, Valletta, Malta
Bombed during World War II, the theater was not rebuilt, but renovated to an open air performance space.
Marsalforn resort area, Gozo
Swimming in Marsalform Bay
Salt Flats, Xwejni, Gozo
These salt flats have been handed down many generations. Salt is harvested twice a year.
Fishing boat
Malta's fishing boats have a unique, distinctive style.
Fishing boat, Gozo
Going fishing, Gozo, Malta
Aqueduct, Malta
Built by the the Order of St. John in early 1600 to bring water from across the island to the new city of Valletta
Aqueduct, Malta
Much of the aqueduct remains and passes through some of the urban areas of Malta
Dwarf prehistoric hippopotamus
Several species of dwarfed animals continue to be discovered at the Ghar Dalam on Malta. They became extinct approximately 10,000 years ago.
Entrance St. Augustine's Catacombs
Part of the St. Paul's - St. Augustine's catacombs complex. Near Rabat, Malta
Leading down to the catecombs
Catacombs burial sites
Catacombs burial sites
A church interior
War room entrance
Malta played a pivotal role in WW II. Intercepting German supply ships to N. Africa and planning Operation Husky, the invasion of Italy.
Tunnels to War Rooms
In a matter of weeks, miners using only pick axes and shovels carved out corridors and work spaces under the fortifications built centuries earlier.
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