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For Photographers

Photography may be your business, hobby, art form or an enigma that challenges you. At one time or other it has been all of these to me. Fortunately, I am now at a place where I can say it provides me with many opportunities. Depending on your interests and desire to learn, you may find the following two sections helpful.


Competitions is a daily updated list of organizations offering photo and other art competitions. I encourage anyone who is interesting in developing their skills to participate in several competitions a year. Even if your work is not selected, the process will help you critically evaluate your photos in ways you may not otherwise.


Musings is collection of articles I’ve written for Window on Photography. They include guides to developing and growing your photography business and tips for professionals and amateurs seriously interested in improving their craft as a photographer.


Any questions and comments will be appreciated. Please use the Contact form and I will respond as early as possible.

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