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Molly's Trailer New Life As Art

Molly's Trailer - New Life As Art

Not a destination per se but you travel in an RV, you'll appreciate Molly's unique trailer.


You can’t pass by without taking a second look. You can’t study it without admiring the artistry. Every square inch of Molly Herrick’s 1960 Mobile Scout travel trailer exterior provides a rendering of the very popular ski town and summer destination -- Telluride, Colorado.


Rescued from a field where it had languished all but forgotten for many years, the interior and exterior of the trailer were refurbished over a five-month period with great care by community volunteers. The debut for its rebirth was at the 2013 annual Ah Haa School for the Arts annual fund-raising auction held in the second week of August. Telluride has a thriving artistic community, and the trailer offered artist Michael Doherty (also known as “MD, World-Famous Artist“) the opportunity to turn the exterior into a canvas.


While the resultant design could have taken on any number of styles, Doherty chose to create a rendering of Telluride’s Colorado Avenue (the main drag), including the well-known Sheridan Hotel. If you are familiar with Telluride, you’ll recognize the perspectives of the side and rear views.


Molly was the successful bidder for the trailer during the auction, and she knows many of the volunteers who brought her trailer back from its ignominious former existence. Although offering primitive accoutrements by current trailer standards, Molly has had no complaints, except when it got down to 17 degrees Fahrenheit while staying at the Gros Ventre Campground in Teton National Park in Montana.

The 12 x 15 feet trailer’s interior offers a comfortable sleeping area, small sink, closet, ice cabinet, and a quaint wall-mounted propane lantern. “It’s cozy,” Molly says.


Molly named her trailer “Mags,” as it is quite a people magnet. She says if she received five dollars for every picture other campers take of her trailer, she could retire early.


For now, Mags suits her fine. If the time comes for Molly to get a larger trailer, she’ll find a nice home for Mags. If you travel in the Southwest, keep your eyes open for Molly and Mags, and be sure to take a picture to share with your friends.

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