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Putting the WoW in Your Photographs - Assignment for session 4, 9/29.

Perspective: how you look at things - view your subject. To get you focused on the subject for next week's session, please CREATE and submit the following 3 images.

All your photos should be full frame-uncropped. Also, no post-processing other than to reduce the file size and change to a jpg file if appropriate. 

First, choose one subject that lends itself to being viewed from three different perspectives when:
1. Photographed from your eye level

2. From a higher, several feet higher, vantage point

3. From a lower, much lower, vantage point

(DO NOT get yourself into a position you may need help getting out of.)

Remember, these sessions are focused (pun intended) on putting the WoW in your photos. So utilize all of the capabilities, techniques, tricks, and everything else we've discussed to both show your three perspectives and create an image that will knock our socks off!

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